A Great Red

$4.00 - On Sale

"Who doesn't love a great red?!"
"I'm a sucker for a great red polish!"
"It's never the wrong time for a great red."
"No polish collection is complete without a great red, or 2!!"

If you have ever said (or thought) one of those statements, or one similar to it, THIS polish is for you!!!
This beautiful red jelly packed with bright, firey red glitters is SURE to make a statement!! :)

**this product is made with a 5-free formula & solvent resistant glitters**

**product NOT tested on animals!!! (cruelty free)**

**ALL products are hand made by Kayla Creech (owner/operator of Creative Cuticles Nail Polish brand)**

***swatches by IG's @ribbitsnailsnpuppytales, @caffeinatedcuticles, & @kayotic.nails***