Custom Polish- INFO ONLY!!!

Image of Custom Polish- INFO ONLY!!!


If you can see this listing, I am accepting custom orders!!
It is set to "coming soon" because I post a separate listing for each custom order.

Do you have an idea for a custom polish (or 2, or 10 lol)?
Well, you have come to the RIGHT place!!! :)

*1-2 bottles: $12 each, plus shipping
*3-5 bottles: $10 each, plus shipping
*6-10 bottles: $9 each, plus shipping
*10+ bottles: $8 each, plus shipping

***SHIPPING cost will depend on how many bottles you purchase, ranging from $2-$6 for up to 12.. more than 12 bottles will be $12-$25 for shipping... and it will be INCLUDED in the listing price***

**special pigments/glitters MAY increase the price of the polish**

How this works..

1. YOU think up an idea.. get as creative as you want.. try to be as specific as possible.. colors, polish type & finish, etc.. don't forget a name!! ;)

2. contact me!!! we will discuss further, and get the final plan. (I will have to make sure what you want is possible).

3. I will set up an individual listing, & once you purchase it, I will get started.

4. I will make your polish, and I will send you a photo of the finished polish, swatched on a wheel.. NOW, THIS is where I need your 100% focus & honesty!!! I need you to let me know how you REALLY feel!!! don't lie to save my feelings. I wanna know.. is it missing something? is it not, quite, the right shade? are you 2nd guessing a certain glitter that we added? ANYTHING you don't absolutely love, let me know!!! I will NOT stop until you LOVE it!!! :)

5. Once you have approved, I will ship same or next day, depending on time of day. (unless more testing is needed)

*Please allow me, up to, 3 weeks, to make & ship your custom polish!!! I may have to order an ingredient & I have to rely on how quickly my supplier(s) & USPS can get it to me.*

to contact me:
*email: OR use the contact form in my shop!
*Kik: tysm0mmy (0 is a zero)
*DM me on IG

****PLEASE NOTE!!! if I have to order a new glitter or pigment, I would PREFER to test for a month, BUT I understand that is a LONG time to wait.. Just know, if I use what I already own, I know it is safe. Buying new items runs the risk of having a defective ingredient & I can not be held responsible. I will do my very best to avoid this happening!!! I only order from suppliers I trust!!!****

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