Franken Indies

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sometimes, while mixing I have just a TINY bit of polish left that is not enough to fill a bottle.. Normally, I would just pour it into a mini & set it aside for a sale or to add to random packages.. Well, I have decided that I would try something new this round.. And so came "Franken Indies"!!!
Each polish is a mixture of 2 or more CCNP polishes.. there will usually only be ONE bottle of a specific creation and seeing as how it was made with small amounts of unmeasured leftover polish, I can not recreate it exactly. :)

the names given to these polishes are fully inspired by the names of the polishes included in the mix! <3

"Creativi-mystery 6" is a mixture of "Creativi-Ty #6" & "?7".

***There is ONLY ONE bottle of this polish!!!***

**buy at the purchasers own curiosity**


  • Creativi-mystery 6 - 100% in stock