A Thimble of Our Love


Thimble of Our Love is an ultra holo silver polish with holo silver microglitters & two different types of purple microflakes (the flakes are difficult to see unless in macro, but they give the polish its tone).

This is a VERY limited quantity release, and will NEVER be restocked!!!
Also, every single bottle will come with a thimble!!!

Here's the story behind it:

I do quite a bit of sewing! Fixing tears in Ty's toys & both of their clothes, etc..
Well, a little while back, I was sewing on a velcro base (for patches) onto one of Eric's hats. There were some pretty thick seams that I was having to go through to get it on there.
I mentioned wishing I had a thimble.
Fast forward to the next day....
Eric calls me & tells me that there's a surprise coming for me in the mail, but that the surprise comes with an extra surprise!
Turns out, the night before he had secretly ordered me a thimble. Amazon Prime to the rescue, it arrived in one day!
Anyhow... The next day, he gets a confirmation type of email informing him that his "50 PIECE thimble order" was "out for delivery"!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
He ended up telling me what happened before it arrived, however, so it would have been funnier if I had just discovered it when I checked the mail.
Either way, it's still hilarious!!! 🤣
So, I told him it just proves how much he loves me, he wanted me to be able to protect as many fingers as need be, and to not have to worry if I lost one!
It's the little things in life that matter most! Thimbles are especially little. Lol.

**this product is made with a 5-free formula & solvent resistant glitters**

**product NOT tested on animals!!! (cruelty free)**

**ALL products are hand made by Kayla Creech (owner/operator of Creative Cuticles Nail Polish brand)**

***Swatches by IG's @asp2016***